The King's Lynn Preservation Trust Limited

A  Brief History


The Earl of Leicester

Founded in 1958 by Lady Joan Evershed.

 Established as an industrial and provident society.

Has completed renovation of over dozen projects.







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Restored Buildings

All the properties that have been restored have been returned back to the local community as either offices or homes (rented or purchased)
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26 St Nicholas Street

Restored 1985-88

23-25 King Street

Restored 1986-89

28-32 King Street

Restored 1975-80

Hampton Court

Restored 1955-60


Clifton House

Restored 2002-03

Clifton House (tower)

Currently being restored

1 All Saints Street

Restored 1979-81

5-6 Church Lane

Restored 1979-81



77 London Road.

 Restored 1970


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Thoresby college.

Restored 1963-68

Pilot Street

Restored 1976-80



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